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You know you have to eat, but you dont know if you can pull off the small tasks of picking out the cool chips or fun drinks. You have a moment where you will be forever grateful for their kindness. You settle into your chair, take your first bite, and find yourself looking around at all that is still left unknown.But, you have to eat, and you also know that you better pick out that slice of pizza with confidence because all eyes are testing you. Grateful a few kind people took the time to let you into their group. Once that foundation is built, it remains always until the show is no longer on the air.Cross your fingers that indeed this does happen because although this situation is desirable, it is often not achieved due to the constraints of television. Each year I try to find a way to attend the event in person, that has not happened yet, but it will.As with the decisions of how long Logan will be around, that question cant be answered until other elements of the show are answered. As I have discovered the thoughts that make Logan tick, I have tried to embrace the good found in him and resist the bad. My sister was married in Germany so I have a very special bond with the country.So you walk into the cafeteria, pretend like it is no big deal on the outside, as you begin to crumble on the inside. Amy told me that she and Dan were not returning to the show during filming of the final episode this past season. I have never seen a blooper reel from Gilmore Girls and I cant really say who screws up the most because my mind does not work that way. If you are staying true to the scene, then stuff just happens. When you find yourself really letting go, then sometimes the "mistakes" are the most honest and interesting aspects of the scene.

In addition, the final episode was beautiful in the way they brought the show and its characters to completion.

Each time I come back from my travels to Europe, my appreciation for life grows.

His thoughts on Logan Huntzberger, his relationship with Alexis Bledel and his reaction to the birthdaybook from his fans...

In his interviews, Czurchry has repeatedly stated that he considers marrying a "civilian." This has given millions of his female fans a glimmer of hope.

However, it seems his fans should have to wait a little longer to have a shot at marrying him.

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According to the New York Post, the actor said in an interview, “I don’t mind being single. He revealed that there is lot of good work in him that still needs to come out.

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