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Albums: Tell All Your Friends (2002) Where You Want To Be (2004) Louder Now (2006) New Again (2009) Taking Back Sunday (2011) •Adam's TBS nickname, as given by bassist Matt Rubano, is "The Long-Haired Southerner." •Adam dated ex-Taking Back Sunday guitarist/vocalist John Nolan’s sister.In fact, it is said that this is the reason John left the band.•The number “152,” which can be found on TBS’ album covers, is a reference to the exit where Adam and his old friends would make a stop on there way to and from concerts.•Adam is the youngest member of Taking Back Sunday.•Adam sings with Cyndi Lauper on her song Money Changes Everything, as well as appearing in the video with her.

At Brewtones, the band played with many other acts including Ester Drang, Midlake, and Waterdeep.

They were to be married in March 2008, but it was announced by Chauntelle's father in January 2008 that the wedding had been called off and that Chauntelle and Adam had split up.

In June 2008 it was announced that Adam had married Misha Vaagen, a resident and bartender of Tyler, Texas, who was also pregnant with their first child together.

•Adam says that Paris Hilton is only famous for "being rich and naked." •Adam is a smoker •Adam is a playable character in the online video game Emogame.

•At the "Give It A Name Festival" in 2006, Adam accidentally hit TBS bassist Matt Rubano in the head while swinging his microphone. Now he tries to only eat certain meats, like chicken •Adam has a man-crush/"self-proclaimed homosexual obsession" with actor Brad Pitt.

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