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Kamenets podolsky dating veronika

As I mentioned earlier, it was my brother Joel who got the ball rolling many years ago.Joel was always interested in the Diener family, and also had a very strong knowledge and appreciation of history and geography.Being Jewish, and having had many relatives killed at the hands of the Nazis, Germany was not a place that I ever imagined visiting.

My late father often mentioned his hometown of Grzymalow, or Rimalov, as it was called in Yiddish.

As a symbolic act of defiance, when the official pointed us to the right door, Joel and I both went left.

We did this without communicating with each other, which was very strange.

Introduction Let me begin by providing a little bit of background information.

Over the past five or six years, I have been very involved in genealogical research.

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Not only did I work on the Diener tree, but I was able to compile an extensive family tree for my mothers Luterman family with the assistance of a relative in Israel, Arthur Halpern.

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