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In that case,if I did marry this woman, would this be okay biblically?

I know that I am not the sole cause of her seeking a divorce.

When I asked her why she was getting a divorce, she told me that the marriage was terrible from the start.

She said that her husband was abusive, drunk all the time, and disrespectful.

She said that her husband cheated on her, but she still was willing to keep the marriage together. But, she has admitted to me that after her husband cheated on her and told her the marriage was over, she had sex with several other men.

But after cheating on her, her husband moved out of the house and told her the marriage was over. My question is whether or not I can marry this woman after her divorce is final or would the marriage be considered an adulterous relationship?

I don't think this woman has the right to remarry because it is clear that she is divorcing because of her adulteries.His might have been the trigger, and I could not be certain of that unless I asked him, but her behavior says it wasn't so important to her that she would end the marriage.It wasn't until she found another man to leap to that she was willing to cut her ties to the last one.With all that you told me, I think you are making a huge mistake. Yes, my divorce was because my former wife committed adultery.I agree that I should have told this woman to contact me once her divorce was final. When I met this woman, she and her husband had been separated(not legally separated) for three years already due to the fact that she caught her husband committing adultery.

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