Juggalo and juggalette dating

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Juggalo and juggalette dating

Now I realize a lot of Hip Hop is degrading to women but I was under the impression that Juggalos were all about unity and family.

That this was a collective of the unwanted masses, a place people who had no solace could find some.

I’m sure statistically that somewhere out there roams a Nuclear Physicist or Pulitzer Prize Winning author that counts themselves amongst the Juggelo elite.

As of right now I have never met them and I’ve been hard pressed to find anybody who has.

It’s a long scaly beast with a spiked tail that has an irritated twitch to it, especially when a fresh kill is near.

The face of the beast is round and flabby covered with clown paint and locked in a permanent insidious smile.

Apparently that’s not true if you are a female ICP fan.

If you stay quiet long enough and listen carefully you may be able to hear Gloria Steinem weeping. Do you find anytime the perfect time to whip off your shirt and walk around?

It’s not chum in these waters but young America, teens and twentysomethings all brought up on the empty promises of the generation before them.

Does wearing a “Wife Beater” outside make you feel over dressed?

It seems that shirts are a very optional item with the Juggalos.

Their followers are a devoted group who hinge on the Insane Clown Posse’s every word in hopes that they will glean some form of true rebellion from their little tribe.

ICP (Insane Clown Posse) are their God and the music is the divine word.

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You take a breath and ask yourself how many college graduate Juggalos you know. I’ve also noticed a lack of musical appreciation and taste within the Juggelo set.

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