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Greek sex rooms

Once undressed, every Roman citizen could choose for himself in what order to use the bath facilities. Others entered the tepidarium (from the Latin adjective tepidus — “moderately warm, lukewarm”) — warm room with heated floors and walls.The warmth of the tepidarium relaxed the human body and prepared it for the next procedures.According to the Homeric Epos, Greek used cold water first and then hot; in contrast with the Romans who usually did the other way around — first hot and later cold water.Ancient sources indicate that bathing was practice from both sexes.

They were positioned in an open space and represented elevated basins operating with cold water.

Homer and Hesiod often refer to the use of bath by their characters as a sign of hospitality.

(The unfortunate Agamemnon was killed in his welcoming bath after his return from Troy.

Although wealthy people had their own baths at home, they still preferred to visit the public ones.

The bathing was considered as a social event in a way we could hardly think of today.

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Many vase paintings show that apart of various pools, the Greeks used other appliances, like a kind of showers and feet baths.

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