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It would mean the world to my family & I if we could make a massive donation to this incredible organization.

Thank y’all for listening & sending all the love to my beautiful momma. But suddenly I’m interested because in the final seconds of Monday night’s episode, Stephen Mc Gee dropped a major bomb about his fellow cast member.

Today, nobody is required to shower after physical education.

Kids stink if they have PE too early in the day, especially in warm weather.....

The doctors suggested that we now focus on my mother’s quality of life rather than quantity of life. My strong mother has always been the anchor of this family and our best friend. We set up in home hospice care so she can be home with her boyfriend, Gary, and her beloved cat, Fasa. My siblings and family are spread out around the country and world.

We’ve been taking turns flying out when we can to help but it’s not enough.

A diagnosis that can be cured with a liver transplant..

however.bad news I mentioned before was that she doesn’t have that much time to wait for a new liver. Doom” (a name my mom came up for him) my family has set up steps to make mom comfortable. A personal in home nurse that can be there 24/7, however, is not covered and would need to be paid out of pocket.

Now that the goal has been reached…every single penny we raise over the goal from today on will be donated to the American Liver Foundation to help others who are going through this horrible disease.Adam brings his own flavor to those timeless songs and he is a wonderful artist in his own right. Roger on ‘It’s A Kind Of Magic’ was also full of feeling. A post shared by Boy George (@boygeorgeofficial) on Finally got to meet the man!Very Bowie-esque and I loved the drum solos and Brian’s axe lamenting. Was fun talking with @guskenworthy and visiting the Pride house here in #Pyeongchang.But I believe that sort of thing was very common at in earlier years.Never heard of females being allowed to watch, though...

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