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Followers often refer to Nitai as 'Sri Nityananda', 'Prabhu Nityananda' or 'Nityananda Rama'.

According to Gaudiya-Vaishnava tradition Nitai is an incarnation of Balarama, with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu being his eternal brother and friend, Krishna.

Once while chanting the name of Krishna in the streets, Nitai was attacked by Jagai and Madhai, two irreverent drunk brothers.They are credited with the revival of Hinduism in Eastern India, plagued mainly by the caste system, which they denounced.Much of Vaishnava literature, regarded as one the finest literary heritage of medieval Bengal, came from them or their disciples.In his youth, he would generally play the part of Lakshman, Rama's younger brother, in dramatic re-enactments of Lord Rama's pastimes, along with the other boys of Ekachakra.At the age of thirteen, Nitai left home with a travelling renunciate (sannyasi) known as Lakshmipati Tirtha.

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As he had given his word Hadai Pandit reluctantly agreed and Nitai joined him in his travels.

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