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Girls masterdating

My sister is a sexy, leggy, slender 18 year old with a body for fashion.

This wasn’t the first time that I look at my sister’s body in that way, and today she decided to give me a treat!

This one day, my sexy step sister felt like being naked around the house.

She just loves the feeling of being natural, undressed and alone in the house. She decided to go kitchen to have a bagel and she strolled into the kitchen with only her shirt on!

Her pussy lips are so pretty and you can see that some pussy juice leaking from her vagina.We kept walking around the park and it was a beautiful sunset, even more beautiful when she grabbed a ripe banana and used it as a dildo, inserting it in her pussy and masturbating herself with it while lying on the grass! I wanted to fuck her so bad as she stripped totally naked and stuffed both hands in her gushing cunt, showing off her clit.She fisted herself and introduced a big metal thing up her pussy, followed by a speculum to keep it stretched wide open!She gets her bagel from the fridge, turns around and sees me staring at her with my camera on!For some reason, she didn’t react negatively nor was she angry, she knows I like her body.

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She was not surprised by my positive answer on whether I’d like her to rub her pussy for me a bit! She felt great about knowing that I was filming her and that I’m going to watch that amateur video many times again!