Girl on dating site loves cats korean dating game

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That is ok with me, but it was a big turn off -- I would assume we are at least dating.I made it clear from the beginning that I'm not interested in a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

He wouldn't be here to put his butt on everything, or sneak into my room, or knock shit off counters: paradise. That being said, I know it will never happen, because my roommate loves her stupid cat so much. Girls love cats man, I don't know why, it seems like a bum deal.I would live with her forever except for one thing: she has a cat. It's a little bit like living with the ghost of a mean teenage girl, and I hate every minute of it.I like to imagine my life without Bill Murray (that's the cat's name, which is such a waste of a great name on a terrible animal).But, in reality, I was spending most of my time trying to make ends meet by working 10 independent contractor jobs, missing my friends back in Chicago, and eating homemade cookie dough every night to feel better. I was sitting at my computer transcribing a ghost hunting reality show called Fact or Faked (Hint, it’s almost always FAKED). Did Lauri think that I needed to go ONLINE to find dates? Relieved to take a break from transcription I logged onto Ok Cupid (a popular free online dating site) for the first time. I was stubborn and I believed in finding true love the old-fashioned way. And after years of co-dependent habits and secret relationships (“Don’t tell anyone we’re together so that I can still play the field & none of the other girls I’m dating will find out about each other”) — well, obviously, my methods were working out GREAT for me… And I was bored and looking for an excuse to procrastinate work. I mean, seriously, how could anyone believe that was a real, three-dimensional living breathing person? And we later built out an expanded version of the show called #Date Me: An Ok Cupid Experiment which has been running for a year and a half and is on it’s 8th remount at the UP Comedy Club in Chicago. Log in each week as I present you with experiment findings, characters that didn’t make the live stage show, unbelievable conversations with REAL people talking to our FAKE characters, and much much more. I’d had some personal setbacks which had led me to be content with being alone for a while (and possibly forever). And then I got a call from my Chipotle loving, hilarious friend Lauri (don’t spell Lauri with an “e” or she’ll de-friend you! I mean sure I had been taking a break from dating since I moved to Los Angeles — a TWO YEAR break, but who was PHEW! So I used a fake email address and took five minutes and created what I thought was a ridiculous, insane person nobody would take seriously.

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In your question you asked if you were overreacting.