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Most of those illusions are centered on the United States, which has frightened and fascinated the mullahs since they seized power almost 40 years ago.

The mullahs are frightened of the US because their view of history is shaped by their belief in conspiracy theories.

Since the mullahs seized power, hardly a day has passed without the Islamic Republic holding some US hostages.

The raid on the US Embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979 is dubbed "The Second Revolution" and marked with government-sponsored marches and seminars, exhibitions and propaganda campaigns across the nation.

Hassan Abbasi, nicknamed the "Kissinger of Islam," claims that Iran has "tens of thousands of sleeping elements" inside the US and in Latin America ready to " blow America up into pieces at a moment's notice." "The Americans know this and are frightened of us," Abbasi likes to say, Such illusions were encouraged by President Barack Obama's determination to accommodate the Islamic Republic almost at any cost.

Obama believed that the US had done Iran much wrong for which he sought atonement.

Right now, with marches and fiery speeches, the Islamic Republic in Iran is marking the 38th anniversary of the seizure of the US Embassy in Tehran and the holding of American diplomats as hostages for 444 days.

As the US Congress seeks new ways of tightening the screws on Iran, the Tehran leadership remains prisoner to old illusions.

Ancient ruins litter the desert around Shiraz including Pasargadae, the capital of Ancient Persia.A list of over 700 children of top Islamic Republic personalities currently attending American universities was unveiled in Tehran last August.According to Islamic Majlis member Karimi Qodusi, over 1500 Islamic Republic officials hold dual nationality, including American citizenship and/or permanent residency.(meaning the US and other members of the 5 1 group of nations.) Another line was: "Zarif fights, America trembles!" The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) strategist Dr.

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In 2015, in the heyday of the nuclear talks, the entourage of Mohammad Javad Zarif, the US-educated functionary who plays the role of foreign minister, circulated several limericks to that effect.

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