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Free sex chat seastion

"Hey I thought I was working as a body-guard," the dragon stated in a whining tone, while his smile formed into a frown as he looked up to Celestia."Yes that too of course," Celestia smiled as she rolled her eyes to the small dragon, before turning to her student.She had lived at this castle ever since she was a young infant (her parents having to be nowhere in sight), since than the almighty Princess Celestia and her younger sister have been raising the young unicorn.She is now an adult, who after her long years in magic training and studying, became an alicorn and was announced as a new Princess of Equestria.

The ponies in it are very humble and welcoming, I'm sure you'll fit right in," Celestia reassured her worried student."That's good to hear then," Twilight sighed in relief as she smiled back to her mentor, What was I thinking?I ummm......" Twilight paused as she nervously looked to the older Princess and took a deep breath, "Princess, I need to speak with you," Twilight stated with a now more serious look on her face.Celestia was silent for a moment as she just stared blankly at her student, before she smiled to her slightly, "What is it Twilight?" Twilight asked now in a panicking state."Calm down Twilight," Celestia smiled to her student as she chuckled slightly.Twilight took a deep breath as she calmed herself and looked back to her mentor with a smile."Now listen I know it sounds tough and all, but you'll be fine, the ponies on the ground will be sure to welcome you nicely, and the pegasi will soon warm up to you as well in time, okay?

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" Celestia explained to Twilight as she rested a hoof on the younger mare's shoulder.