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Instead, the website beings charging the cell phone owner a phantom fee of .95/month, with no apparent way to contact the offending business.

For an example of the sort of email you should be on the lookout for, check out this one copied straight from Craigslist on (source) While Craigslist can certainly be a prime place to find used cars for sale, buyers must be careful of the occasional vehicle fraud that could rob them of hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars.

“They showed me the Craigslist printout and told me they had the right to do what they did.” As he arrived home, Salisbury was greeted by 30 people ransacking his home, barn and garage, taking everything and anything they wanted.

Eventually the police arrived on scene to break up the party, but by then too many people had already made their getaway.

The hoax advertisements claim that soldiers are trying to get rid of big items before they are deployed overseas.

Cars, televisions, computers, and more have been advertised in this fashion for unbelievably low prices, leaving many of us to wonder why soliders would want to come home from duty without any of these items.

Nevertheless, the uniqueness of the story has at least a tinge of believability to it, luring some right into the con artist’s trap.

Right away some red flags should be going up in most shoppers heads, but in order to investigate the scammer’s sales funnel, the paper replied to the ad with a few questions regarding the vehicle and why it is listed for so little money.

The problem is that Salisbury had no idea of any such ad and was not certainly not planning on moving anywhere.

On his drive home he spotted a truck passing him loaded down with stuff from his house and garage.

“Sometimes they’re just asking for an application fee, but then they get 50 applicants and they’ve got their money,” the article reports.

“Others ask for a full deposit fee to hold the rental.” (source) Earlier this year, a new scam began cropping up on Craigslist, this time attacking sellers.

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