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Fetish video chat con american express

You do not have to clean his house to prove your submission. To allow someone to take you to a motel on the first meeting, that is just insane.

We are human not cats we only have one life and to give that life up to try and prove your submissive is just plain crazy.

Vile You as a submissive or slave has rights, you not only have to agree to a Doms terms but he has to agree to yours as well.Beware of the closet Dom, he is ego driven, nothing more.He will lead you down a path of total destruction and never look back, and when he is done he will wash his hands and move on. BDSM is not about SUCKING COCK or Laying on your back.Now the love of my life Arianna Everything I am going to tell you is the truth I have nothing to gain from misleading you I am speaking as a man from past experience’s .So now what I am trying to do is make things right, give good valuable advice, if you listen you listen if you don’t well I tried.

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BDSM is a relationship where the two form a bond that cannot be broken, BDSM is about communication and open communication.