Face the jury dating

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If you have submitted your request for postponement or excuse, you will not need to appoear even if you have not heard back from the court.

This means a juror is instructed to telephone the court the day before he/she is summoned to appear for reporting instructions.You have enjoyed the privileges of citizenship and the protection of your liberties and property through our system of self-government.Therefore, for a short time, you may be summoned to serve as a juror, an officer of the court, along with the attorneys and the judge.For each jury trial, approximately 200 prospective jurors are randomly selected from the master list to receive a summons.The summonses are mailed approximately two weeks prior to the service date.

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Citizens who ignored jury duty summonses learned about consequences juror scofflaw court on Wednesday."I gotta pay a fine and I still gotta come back? Edgerton III, 36, who was fined $100 and given a new jury duty date after claiming he didn't show up because he didn't know where the court was."Yeah you have to come back -- what do you think this is, a joke?