Excel conditional formatting not updating

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For example, when i change the cell contents triggering the rule true/false it does not refresh the relevant cells' formatting.

the only way i can get it to refresh is by scrolling away from the affected cell/cells and back again (so forcing the screen to refresh).

this issue is relevant whether i run the file in the old xls (xp/2003) format or update to xlsx 2010 format.

by contrast, in excel 2003 as soon as i changed the cell contents the conditional formatting immediately updated whether from on or off.

whereas, as i explain above, it does not do this now in office 2010, which is quite odd.

even if i create a brand new blank excel sheet and create the same basic rule on one cell (or a range of cells) when i change it to true (set the cell to 1 for example, where rule = cell 0) the formatting IS applied (it works!!

Conditional formatting will highlight cells that contain data matching the parameters that you set for the formatting.

I've tried it on Pin Mux and it appears to make a difference. I appreciate you may not be too happy with this solution as it will require you to work through all the formula that link to the old Pin Mux and point them at the new one to keep the whole workbook working correctly.

If it is a problem in the sheet itself then that will explain why I could not reproduce the issue outside your file.

Although we have arrived at a solution that means the user of the file will be unaware of the issue described it still leaves the question open as to why Excel in particular 2010 versions cannot complete the process of formatting the sheet correctly, using conditional formatting, that earlier versions can. Oha nd I did have the problem above as well - will try your solution, thanks, but forcing a screen update after every change might affect my VBA code, Think I can modify it with a global variable though ;)Hi Steve A new development.

Private Sub Worksheet_Selection Change(By Val Target As Range) If Application. It appears that copying the sheet will somehow fix the issue.

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