Excel 2016 chart not updating

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The end goal here is to create a table that feeds data to a chart.Linking these two elements together allows the chart to check for newly added data in the table.Date formatting can be a little tricky, so I’ll drag the bottom right corner of the cell down to populate the cell automatically.Of course, I could do this manually — I’d just have to lay out my date in the same format as preceding rows.Next, we need to test whether our self-updating chart actually works.Fortunately, this is by far the easiest part of the process.To add more data, simply add another line at the bottom of your existing chart.Since my Date column dictates the values on the X-axis of my chart, I’ll start there.

Above, you can see that I added a sales count of 10 for each book to prompt the chart to update.

Now is a good time to make any formatting changes or visual tweaks.

Once that’s done, we can test out adding new data to the chart.

One of the most powerful aspects of Excel is the fact that various aspects of spreadsheets can be automated.

This might be something as simple as creating a basic self-updating chart, or something more complex, like diving into Visual Basic.

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You can now use the chart indefinitely, simply by adding more rows to the table.

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