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They fear traditional exam invigilation will be severely disrupted because hundreds of other pupils' i Pods may have to be checked.

One insider said: 'Everyone is very angry that this has been allowed to happen. Once this girl has been allowed to do this, there's nothing stopping all pupils bringing in their i Pods.'The amount of manpower it will take to put music on every student's i Pod and check they don't contain study notes will be overwhelming.

It's free, but before downloading, make sure your mobile files are safe and sound, just in case.

SQA bosses have allowed the pupil, who is in the middle of her Higher exams, to listen to the i Pod as long as it can be 'proved not to contain any prompts'.

School staff are understood to be unhappy with the decision but were forced to comply as the SQA is the governing body for Higher examinations.

A spokesman insisted: 'This decision sets no precedents.

We receive many requests for "special arrangements" to be made every year and each is treated on its individual merits.'In this case the i Pod is new and the music is loaded by the school and given to the candidate in the hall.

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Jobs had expressed interest in building a portable music player in late 2000 and had tasked Jon Rubinstein with making it happen.