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He built up the first British Empire, strengthening the colonies in the Caribbean and North America.

In coalition with the rising power Prussia, defeated France in the (1756–1763), and won full control of Canada.

The first decades were marked by which ended with defeat for the Stuart cause at in 1746.

In 1763, led to the dominance of the British Empire, which was to be the foremost for over a century and grew to become the in history.

Investigations showed bribes had reached into high places—even to the king.The cost was high and Britain no longer had the wealth to maintain an empire, so it granted independence to most of the Empire. The came into being on , as a result of the of the (which included ) and the .The terms of the union had been negotiated the previous year, and laid out in the .The last king to dominate government and politics, his long reign is noted for losing the first British Empire with a loss in the (1783), as France sought revenge for its defeat in the Seven Years' War by aiding the Americans.The reign was notable for the building of a second empire based in India, Asia and Africa, the beginnings of the industrial revolution that made Britain an economic powerhouse, and above all the life and death struggle with the French, the 1793–1802, ending in a draw and a short truce, and the epic (1803–1815), ending with the decisive defeat of Napoleon.

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The creation of Great Britain happened during the , in which just before his death in 1702 William III had reactivated the Grand Alliance against France. The won a series of brilliant victories over the French, England's first major battlefield successes on the Continent since the .

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