Delilah dicrescenzo tom higgenson dating who is zach braff dating

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Delilah dicrescenzo tom higgenson dating

It really is affecting because all these promises he's making are so similar to what i was promising her. while im not in a long distance relationship, this a real and true love song that alot of people can relate to... We met over the internet and were friends for a few months and he would call me just to talk.When we became boyfriend and girlfriend, it was the most amazing thing. He lives two states away and we both dreamt of meeting.We have been together for the summer but now we are both going away to college.

:( I love him so much and just hope things work out between us.

She was a nationally recognized steeplechaser by her first year at Columbia, when a friend introduced her to Tom Higgenson, the lead singer/songwriter for a new indie pop group, the Plain White T's.

Higgenson, smitten, vowed to write a song about Di Crescenzo, who already was dating her current boyfriend. She was embarrassed, worried what her boyfriend would think and meanwhile afraid she would hurt Higgenson's feelings by being ungrateful.

Music to Delilah Di Crescenzo's ears will be the cheers of friends along the New York City Marathon route as she takes on the 26-mile, 385-yard dare for the first time.

If she can run "a six-minute mile, 26 times," said the former Columbia University All-American steeplechaser, that would be a melody, because "I'm sure there are a million things I'm not prepared for." All that is inevitable about the day is that some spectator, upon spotting Di Crescenzo, is bound to break out in song: "I'm numb to it," Di Crescenzo said.

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She assumed he was joking, but when he delivered a CD to her home during Christmas break in 2005, there it was. "It really didn't get air time for a couple of years," she said, until 2008, when it was nominated for two Grammy Awards.