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I would start acting up - just like a little bratty kid.

I could even SEE myself doing it, and KNOWING that it was killing my chances with this girl... And then I went on this massive inner game "quest" I guess you could call it.

I know how shaky I used to feel with women, and knowing it was my inner confidence holding me back.And, in reality, just by using another guy's lines and words, you're sending a subtle message to your self-esteem that the only thing you can do to attract women is NOT be yourself. But Don't You Need Techniques and "Outer Game" Stuff To Attract Women? So, yes, you absolutely need the techniques and conversational strategies that I teach.BUT the fact is that you simply cannot run completely on "Outer Game" scripts either - on techniques and routines - all by themselves.That gray outer game bubble is weak and tiny because you're forced to "fake" a lot more than you should have to. Now, just imagine what would happen when your Inner Game and your Outer Game are complete and congruent.Your game would look like THIS: Big difference, huh?

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(Especially when I was just a young boy and I needed it the most! We're supposed to just "figure it out" all on our own. " You know, when you can't believe you're worthy of this girl, and then you start like you're not worthy? Self-sabotage..." First I got drunk at her high school reunion, then I started doing those typical self-destructive things, like calling her too much, and going over to see her all the time. ) She wasn't home when I got there, so I waited in the parking lot for her. I fell into a deep depression after all this and went to go see a therapist.

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