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Then there’s the question of whether there is in fact a big enough market for poker dating in the first place.

Sure, you love poker and you’re looking for someone with whom to share this love; someone with whom you’ll stay up late hours, drinking beer, playing cards and planning trips to Vegas.

Poker’s Liv Boeree is dating Kevin Macphee, and their combined poker winnings exceed .5m.The highly successful Bertrand “Elk Y” Grospellier met his girlfriend in Seoul and, after two years of a long-distance relationship, asked her to move to Europe and take up professional poker alongside him.Elk Y’s girlfriend, Cathy Hong, now regularly plays at women’s events with 6,000 in live earnings. So what are some ways that you're aware of to make money in this niche, besides promoting online dating sites. I started writing articles about this niche and then realized that I don't know that many products to promote (stupid, I know) but I know for sure there are tons of options, just can't seem to figure out what are they and where to find them.

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But why not just sign up to a regular, more popular dating site and simply list poker as one of your interests?