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His previous relationship had been turbulent, and his ex had left the country with her older children (from a previous relationship), leaving Daniel and their child behind.

Up until this point, I had been single, living with my best friend, and doing everything girls in their mid-20s do.

At two years old, she was still wearing nappies and learning how to form coherent sentences, so it was far easier for me to step into this type of relationship than if she’d been older. Single parents are hot Because there’s nothing like seeing someone being totally selfless to make you really fancy them. And your single parent partner won’t be demanding Ain’t no such thing as late night phone calls insisting on your whereabouts or the cold shoulder because you can’t see them until Thursday when there’s three under fives to feed. Harry Potter World Disneyland Paris, Winter Wonderland and the latest Pixar movie are all legitimate date activities. By the time my boyfriend told me on our fourth or fifth date that he had a son I was far too hooked on this guy with a cute smile, lip ring and a quirky sense of humor.Needless to say, after having a long talk on our first real date that neither of us wanted to procreate, I was pretty shocked to find out…he’d already done that with someone else. Here’s the thing: single dads have to know how to prioritize not just their job, but the people in their lives. Horse around in the house with card board boxes and the cats? Single dads have either worn out their desire to look cool, or just don’t care.

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The more the merrier Whilst kids from a previous relationship can often carry the unfair label of ‘baggage’, actually, having more than one dimension to a relationship is a massive plus – and what’s not to love about a mini-them to add to the mix?