Dating vintage kluson tuners

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Some other commonly used slang names for guitar tuners are pegs, gears, machines, cranks, knobs, tensioners and tighteners.

Traditionally, a single machine head consists of a cylinder or capstan, mounted at the center of a pinion gear, a knob or "button" and a worm gear that links them.

Many break strings when tension is increased while the mechanism is locked and later unlocked, which frequently happens in music stores.

Note that on some guitars, such as those with Floyd Rose bridge, string tuning may be also conducted using microtuning tuners located at guitar bridge.

Set 119: 1930s Waverly strip tuners for slot head guitar.

Certain instrumental families, most notably the Violin family (excepting the Double Bass) have been actively resistant to the use of machine heads, insisting on the continued use of friction pegs.Since the 1950s, guitar performance techniques evolved, and aggressive usage of a vibrato bar ("tremolo") became widespread.However, the original machine heads couldn't withstand the rigors of constant string tension changing, and strings could go out of tune after using a vibrato mechanism several times.This resistance remains despite the well-known issues with friction pegs losing tuning, coming loose, or jamming.In the early 2000s, a new type of machine head, utilizing micro-gearing inside of a friction-peg shaped casing that can be fitting to an instrument without physical alterations was introduced, and continues to be refined, but this technology is also facing resistance.

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I have a special request for owners of Martins with a high 1942 or early 1943 serial number: I'm hoping to find the earliest serial number possible of a Martin featuring these Kluson tuners with the ultra thin pancake-like riveted cog wheels.

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