Dating servise

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Dating servise

imitated and adapted to Balochi, being conveyed and channeled by lexical copies.

Only in rare cases more structured subsystems like morphology and syntax admit to copying as well.

The study is based upon audio recordings of colloquial Balochi speech made by the author in Sistan during the last six years.

Introduction In multilingual societies a structural functional distribution of the languages or varieties involved can be observed.

Balochi is limited to being used exclusively as a spoken language within the speech community.

The object of this empirical study is parole rather than langue and code-copying is viewed as a strategy of linguistic behavior.

Instead of metaphors like “borrowing”, “import”or “transfer”, I use the framework of “code-copying” as developed and proposed by Lars Johanson: “The central concept of the framework is that copies of lexical, phonic or grammatical elements of a Model Code are inserted into clauses of a Basic Code.

For cross references to this narration the number of the corresponding paragraph is added in brackets. Lexical Copies In habitual communication it is primarily denotations of technical innovations which are copied from Persian without noteworthy phonic or grammatical 3 See King (2000) for a discussion of structural attempts to explain why lexical aspects of a language might be more affected by linguistic contact than others. gūš’ī 4 ‘cell phone’, māš’īn ‘car’, yaxč’āl ‘refrigerator’, telewīzy’ōn ‘TV’, kūndīzy’ōn ‘air conditioner’, fīlmbardār’ī ‘film shooting’, dūrb’īn camera’etc5.

The Baloch in Sistan do not create neologisms for the denotation of technical innovations.

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Instead lexical copies serve as an intermediary for copying phonic and morphological-syntactical features of the model code.

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