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Dating scientists lab rat

The genetic tricks available for working with them are quite robust, too. They don’t seem to bother the mice too much but they can occasionally cause a rash.For example, genes can be tweaked so that each protein they produce will glow, showing researchers where that protein is in the organism. “Ideally, research mice are not battling anything unknown that could alter the results of someone’s research,” Watson explains.August 2013–If there were a satisfaction survey about the model organism you study, how would you rate it?If our unofficial, random survey (n=5) is at all representative, most of the basic science researchers at Johns Hopkins would be “very likely” to recommend their model organism to undecided graduate students. D., is an assistant professor of biological chemistry who works on a little-known bacterium called .

“We can do a drug screen of thousands of compounds, each at seven different doses with each dose tested on 16 different fish to find out which is best for a particular task. M., is an associate professor of molecular and comparative pathobiology and director of the rodent clinical programs.

Plus, it’s easy to do a screen of their entire set of genes because they have so few of them (relative to higher organisms, at least).

makes the most of its nutrient-limited environment by dividing asymmetrically.

He is trying to decipher the molecular chain of events that causes insulin-producing beta-cells to develop in the pancreas.

Because beta-cells don't function properly in diabetes, learning how zebrafish make them could teach us how to make them from human stem cells to treat diabetes.

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” Andrew explains that “for every four or five related genes in humans, there are usually only one or two equivalents in flies, so Drosophila is a very clean model organism.

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