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Posted by / 26-Jan-2018 00:25

They will be treated to “surprise” engagements by the sea shore, invite-only wedding ceremonies (complete with hashtags), pregnancy photoshoots and other traditional ceremonies, including the payment of dowry.Relationships, marriages, engagements and all that pertains to family life are private matters and should remain as such.

Trust me, it is far much better to mourn the end of a marriage privately than publicly.The legion of fans you think you are impressing don’t matter.Most of those who like your pictures and leave glowing comments don’t have your best interest at heart. Worse, they will be the first to snigger when your marriage breaks down.However, I implore you, for your own mental health and for the sake of your children, keep private matters where they belong.And please, keep the faces of your children off such drama.

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Your children have their own personal lives, exposing them to online mud-slinging is the last thing you want for them.