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If your hanger is bent, you will need to go to a shop to get it bent back into place or replaced.

For bicycles that do not have a replaceable hanger, you’ll need to replace your frame.

Now, let’s define reasonable: Bicycles are sometimes subjected to considerably more stress than they were designed for.

Since the damage is usually a result of an impact, this would not be considered a manufacturing defect (a deficiency in materials or workmanship). It will probably require some practice, but the results and satisfaction will be worth it.

Most bicycles these days have 24 or more speeds, achieved by mounting 3 sprockets at the pedals and 8 or more at the rear wheel (3 x 8 = 24 speeds).

If the derailleur hanger is bent in, this shift will drive the lower pulley of the rear derailleur right into the spokes of the rear wheel followed by a lot of bent metal and sometimes expensive repair. When you crash or lay your bike down roughly on the drive side (right side) of the bike it can easily hit the derailleur and bend the hanger. First, try not to lay the bike down on the drive side.

Second, if you crash or if your shifting is suddenly behaving poorly, slowly shift your bike into the low gears near the spokes while not on the bike.

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Can you imagine trying to warranty bikes that people have modified?

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