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Surprise then that it actually spurred the Jordanian‎ government on to decisive action. Its air force is old, and its main fighter jet system, the F16, has been in service for at least 25 years.The bombs that are being used ‎against ISIL targets are older versions and are being referred to by experts as 'dumb bombs'.Mount Nebo, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, is the mountain considered to be where Moses saw the Promised Landed before he died, according to the Old Testament. Most people choose to visit Mount Nebo with a tour. The site is frequently visited by travelers of religious faith who, just like Moses, want to have a breathtaking view over Israel."The US should immediately step up supplies to Jordan.Jordan is now the lynchpin in the fight against ISIL.

We also need smart bombs and drones which the US have consistently refused to give us, which have two key attributes: one for intelligence gathering and [the other] for striking fear into the enemy once they fly overhead," he said.

The main mosaic illustrates the process of winemaking, as well as images of hunters and animals.

Outside, there is a sculpture of the Serpentine Cross, a symbolic combination of the bronze serpent created by Moses and Jesus’ cross.

As he speaks, I sense a calm ferocity in his voice - the memory of the Jordanian pilot murdered by ISIL clearly still fresh in his mind.

I ask him what he would do with increased military assistance. What is needed is a tsunami, a thunderstorm of strikes and, like I say, we need the latest weaponry and assistance to be able to do it." US officials have publicly said they will try and speed up delivery of weaponry to Jordan, whose actions have been praised by military officials and politicians globally.

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