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In the best case scenarios they are joking around, she is laughing as she taps his wrist, arm or shoulder sometimes even removing pieces of lint from his clothing as a sign of affection and caring.All these subtle physical touches slowly create an intimacy, as they are both opening up and getting comfortable in each others Intimate Zone.So what are your chances of reading body language on an average date, especially once you factor in low lighting, two drinks, and maybe some Botox?And remember your own body language: The time spent changing outfits or planning what you are going to say next would be much better spent making your date comfortable enough to establish a "baseline." To be a human lie detector, you have to establish a baseline or find out what is "normal" behavior for the person in question—so that you can tell when something is off.Okay I’m not much of a practiced person in this area but I’m good at observing others doing it (only difference between stalking and research is a pen and paper) so there’s a few things I’ve seen.In the interaction between males and females something funny always occurs.

The ladies man of the 15th century King Henry VIII, popularized a type of underwear where he used a codpiece that protruded from the pants with braies fitted with a flap in the front that buttoned or tied to close when needing to urinate.

When men are interested in a female they will, in one way or another, draw attention to the genital area most frequently using the “Package” gesture.

: Look out for the feet pointing interest signal, where a person might be standing sideways because they don’t want to appear blunt by standing right in front of another person, but the lead foot, or both feet of the guy, will be pointing towards the person that is attracting their attention the most or has captivated their interest.

When women interact with men and women alike they are emotional, they talk about their feelings or they share their worries – with male interactions on the other hand, it is different.

From a young age when interacting with other men, males tend to experience a kind of platonic pride oriented love for each other, where each male has to prove who is the most dominant male of the group by impressing the rest.

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The first thing you can usually observe in male and female relations is that the girl makes eye contact with the guy she likes, and once the guy has spotted the girl making eye contact the two of them will lock each others gazes for a few seconds until she looks away.

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