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Dating fender japan bass

In most cases the country of origin is provided in the same location as the serial number.

In cases where you have a serial number but not a country of origin, the origin can sometimes be deduced from the serial number, although in this case it's very helpful if you have at least a rough idea of the date of manufacture.

It is also believed that 'Terada Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.Some sources say the practice started in September 1975, but serial numbers indicating production as early as October 1974 have been spotted.The serial numbers are generally a character string containing letters and numbers, although some are purely numeric.The AR and AS models shared the same necks under the Artist flag.Splitting the production up from a situation in which they were already both made in the Terada factory wouldn't be efficient, so it is highly unlikely that pre-1987 AR and AS models were ever made there.

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These serial numbers are either hand-printed on the back of the headstock (often in Sterling silver or gold ink or paint) or stamped on the fretboard beyond the last fret or sometimes both.

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