Dating disasters and how to avoid them

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Dating disasters and how to avoid them

I don’t want people to come away from this display of mutual pain and think that by posting a hashtag, they’ve done enough.

I’m feeling really grossed out by all of the men who seem to have never realized that this was a thing until now.

It felt good to vent at the time, but now, after months of weekly appointments, I feel like therapy is worthless.

Rather than address my aforementioned issues, we talk about “self care.” Should I dump my therapist? Find a different therapist, and make it clear that your goals are to challenge your own issues of neediness and insecurity, to re-evaluate your relationship to alcohol and distraction, and to stop repeating some of your classic patterns in relationship.

I understand why people would want to post, but it just makes me furious.

It makes me feel like everything I’ve gone through has been reduced down to a hashtag so that it can trend on social media. Am I obligated to speak out on my social media page even if that means outing myself as a survivor? A: You are not obligated to share your own trauma simply because there is a social media campaign going on.

I drink more than I should (three to five glasses of wine nightly).

I have returned to dating as a middle-aged woman, but the men I meet are manipulative and tend to dump me after a few weeks.A: You can kneel in front of a casket and briefly acknowledge the sadness of someone’s death or think about your grieving friend’s needs—you are not “fake praying,” you are having a genuine moment of reflection.I don’t think you’re doing anything you need to change. : My girlfriend recently bought a vibrator for us to use together (we’re both women).What you’re going through is serious, painful, and real, and I hope you give yourself the time and permission to get what you need. Wake etiquette: Due to unfortunate circumstances, I’ve recently attended a number of wakes.If that means taking a break from reading about other people’s problems for a while, you absolutely should. Am I obligated to kneel before the casket and say a brief prayer?

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My boss posted on our Facebook page about how “proud” he was of all the women who’ve been sharing their stories and I almost lost it.

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