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Nickel silver hilt, stacked leather handle, with an aluminum butt.

The sheath is a nice Heiser with a horizontal keeper.

Sears had knives from all of those brands, and sometimes it appears a mixture of parts on the same knife.

I have several Craftsman knives with Schrade Walden stamps, and Craftsman shields. Schrade made the 863, along with the Ulster version, but had Camillus jump in on some models when things got busy.

Holloware is a term that refers to sugar bowls, creamers, coffee pots, teapots, tureens, hot food covers, water pitchers, platters, butter pats and other metal items (with the exception of flatware) that complemented the china on a dining car table.

Flatware refers to the knives, forks, spoons and sugar tongs on the table.

Eric Thanks Ericthanks for the info and your time.something about this knife I just like a jigging looks almost identical and the shield is the same (except mine says schrade) to murphs ulster in the above photo. sounds right to me., and combined a lot (but initially not all) of their patterns, especially by the time the delrin handles were introduced. circa 1908 - 1921STA-SHARP circa 1927 - 1941CRAFTSMAN copyrighted 1928Even though he stated 1928 as a start date for Craftsman, Goins dates the CRAFTSMAN tang stamps as 1941 to present (1998, time of publication).The railroads have always tried to match the fine dining experience of the best restaurants with hotel-style china and holloware.Top quality silversmiths supplied the rail dining car services with patterned holloware heavyweight enough to be durable and classy enough to match the fine food served in the diner.Such holloware was also used in depot eating houses and in the general offices of the railroads.

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I though if we have the information in a one s topic it would be handy. For those that might be unaware, John Goin's Ecyclopedia of Cutlery Markings is a great resource for this information.