Dating couples one wants a dog the other doesnt

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Dating couples one wants a dog the other doesnt

I’ll flat-out say it: from the perspective of someone seeking a long-term life partner, preferably in the next decade, American white women just aren’t, in aggregate terms, very good.Sure, some individual American white women are great– my mother is an American-born white woman, and my parents are still together after 35 years– but there are far too few of them.Because of this, I believe that game is a reaction to what results when women are totally emancipated from their biological (fear of reproduction or disease) and social constraints and are free to pursue what the majority of them really value in men.Some men, the alphas and the unapolegetically commitment phobic love this kind of dating system and so will have natural incentives to try to keep it going.

Some white men are only attracted to white women; they can go to Eastern Europe.I feel a need to clear up some misconceptions, propagated by panicking and jealous U. white women, about American white men who pursue international and interracial relationships. The fact that they return calls, initiate sex, and support their lovers rather than trying to compete with them is acquiescence.The first of these is basic politeness, the second is healthy sexual desire, and the third is love.they have worse moral character and behavior) to women, creating a surplus of desirable and good women. A nerdy, kind, moderately attractive but socially reserved, white “beta”, who wouldn’t have gotten a second look from attractive American girls in college, incites unholy indignation in these women when he is seen with a woman of a different skin color or accent. For one thing, foreign women have no interest in American notions of social status, whereby having chased an oblong ball in high school makes one sexy, but having an interest in computers makes one asexual.They don’t respond as strongly to the crass gimmicks (“game”) that work on American yuppies.

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Finally, for an upper-middle-class Polish or Korean woman to be seen with a “bad boy” below her level of intelligence and couth is just not socially acceptable.

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