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Dating communication issues

Ultimately, however, an increase in racial and/or ethnic diversity within the United States should cause a corresponding increase in interracial and intercultural dating and marriage, eventually promoting greater acceptance of these relationships (Gudykunst& Kim, 1992).

There are several communication issues which arise in interracial relationships , and these may cause conflicts among couples (Gudykunst& Kim, 1992).

The first issue is language, and this may prove to be a communication barrier if interracial friends do not adequately understand each others' language.

This may serve to affect the friendship, as they will not be able to understand each other. Differences in perception of culture, especially if friends see issues from different viewpoints, may be a barrier to communication.

online discussions can provide a dialogic starting point for connecting with persons' lived experiences- their own and others'.

online discussions facilitate dialogic learning is that they provide a comfortable venue in which people can explore controversial and/or ambivalent feelings about intercultural topics.

However, the filtering out of nonverbal cues, not being able to see the reactions of others, or the identity characteristics (age, gender, race etc) that may hinder communication-makes everyone feel more at ease. Popular culture is opposite from high culture which is widely accepted by high class and usually considered of great value and does not attempt to appeal the crowd's attention.

Research findings suggest that under Computer-mediated communication (CMC), intercultural contact can lead to reduced prejudice and positive attitude change (Klak& Martin, 2003; Rubin& Lannutti, 2001).

These kinds of discussion facilitate person to fully describe and interpret the intercultural world and experiences in which they live.

Compared to face-to-face (Ft F) communication, CMC liberates communicators from the need to be physically co-present and thus from the consequent influence of nonverbal cues.

Although some theorists and researchers argue that CMC-based intercultural relationships cannot be as rich as those formed in Ft F encounters, others have identified ways in which CMC can actually increase intimacy among intercultural relationships.

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