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We also need more positive news stories to lift the mood.As reporters we can sometimes underestimate how every negative headline impacts on people’s spending. Where I grew up in rural Ontario, every teenager has a part-time job and you work through university. I was a lifeguard and worked up to 25 hours a week from the age of 15 until I graduated.

We consider it a common pot even if it is in different accounts.

Once you begin to earn more, saving is even easier because you’ve built up the habit.

I don’t invest in property because I don’t have time to house hunt.

I may regret it because bricks and mortar provide a safety net.

I have an emergency fund in an easy-access cash account, but most of my spare money goes to my pension.

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This is something I’ve learnt in recent years as I have watched friends and colleagues deal with nasty surprises such as car accidents and family members being taken ill.