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Dating belgium customs

The nation's cultural diversity has been enriched by international and local immigration.The high numbers of Flemish names in the south and Walloon names in the north indicate long time internal mobility.

When it was her turn to get married the following year, her brother did the same thing so that he could officiate at her wedding--this time at a hotel in downtown Los Angeles. The only legal way to get married is to have a government official perform the ceremony in a government building.

Where we come from, a wedding at city hall is a sterile, perfunctory affair.

One pictures a bland, administrative office with fluorescent lighting and linoleum on the floor, and couples waiting outside in the hallway until their number is called.

Here in Belgium, there's a good chance that city hall is a 600-year-old late Gothic masterpiece, as is the case in Brussels (pictured above), Leuven and Bruges.

As residents of Hasselt, we weren't that lucky, but our stadhuis is still quite beautiful, an eighteenth-century former mansion with an imposing brick-and-limestone facade.

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In early modern times, the name was used as an erudite synonym for the Low Countries.

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