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Dating before divorce with kids

There is a mandatory 1 year separation period here, so an immediate divorce wasn't an option anyway.

But there has been absolutely no talk of reconciliation or trying to make things work.

Last night at work I ran into a medical student who was asking me some questions about my patient. From your post, I don't get the sense you're there yet. I told him I thought maybe we should cancel because my life is complicated but he still wants to get to know me. Coffee dude just wants a little conversation and some coffee (and probably some sex).

We saw each other the day before when he was making rounds with the dr. C ugh I really do think I am pretty much ready to move on. He told me he was out of minutes and then a text message went through on his phone it was am. Ive had enough of the lies, the sneaking around, I'm so exhausted. I told him I'm scared he's gonna run with what I tell him haha. He's not offering himself as a surrogate husband and father.

We actually had a really deep conversation and have more in common then me and my husband.

Both have pollish backgrounds, both catholic (husband was so against religion) actually wants to be a physician and be successful and want something out of life unlike my husband who has been laid off and not even looking for a job because he hates working.

If you were over your husband, you would have said "Tough Nuggies, dude. I'm not judging you, and your situation doesn't affect me one way or the other, so I have no stake in what you do. Either you're working on your marriage, or you're divorcing. Focus on yourself and get yourself healed from this situation, and then you can make better decisions. Being.talking to someone else is a unwise attempt to fill the hole you have in your heart. He continued to talk to her or see her but denied there was a relationship. Our lease was up at the end of august in our rental house so I found another house for me and our son. That you need to deal with the relationship you are letting go. You could be ready now or you might not feel ready until a year or two after you divorce. Either you're working on your marriage, or you're divorcing. Then I saw him and a woman together standing by his car. be honest and let him know whale you are flattered, that the timing isn't right for you.

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If I wait until the divorce is final to date, it could be a long time. My husband and & I have been together for 8 years married for 2. In July I filed for divorce because he stopped communicating, staying out all night and leaving, not picking up the phone, hanging up on me, hiding his phone etc. Well then after I filed I found some things around the house that weren't mine such as some hair ties and a cell phone. No need to complicate your life or anyone else's at this point. A rebound relationship is what this has the potential to be and isn't fair to anyone involved.

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