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Dating antique typewriters

In order to relock the carriage, find a lever on the left end of the carriage which, when pulled forward, lets the carriage slide freely into the middle of the typewriter and "click" there; you may then need to push the right platen knob into the platen in order to lock the carriage. Examples of the Century can be seen on The Typewriter Database.This may be necessary in order to fit the typewriter into its case. I think the ending date of 1921 for the Remington Junior provided by Remington is actually the ending date for the remodeled Century, which I consider to be a separate design. The situation is complicated by a few Century typewriters that are essentially just Remington Juniors with a Century name decal.Drey's sole effort, it seems, was to recruit sales agents who would market Remington typewriters, though not bearing the Remington name." Other Remington models were labeled for sale by department stores such as Sears Roebuck (the Porto-Rite), Butler Brothers, or Macy's (the Macy's machines usually have a red star on a corner and the Macy's name on a decal in the back).

This original Remington Junior has three banks of keys, and two shift keys only on the left. Name variant: Remington J (found on an export in Australia).

This is research in progress: I invite everyone to e-mail me with further information about any of these typewriters, especially the less common ones, and I'll add it to this page.

I would also love to get pictures of models I haven't pictured here, or of beautifully colored specimens.

Some Remington portables do not carry the Remington name.

In the early 1900s, Remington gained control of the Smith Premier typewriter company and also introduced the Monarch frontstroke typewriter.

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Although Remington promotional literature boasts that both of these mechanisms were "engineered, developed, pioneered" by Remington, the geared linkage was actually introduced by Wellington P. When you find a Remington portable, the carriage may appear to be frozen. Try to release the carriage by holding the carriage with your left hand and pulling out on the right platen knob with your right hand.