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Dating air force pilot

Pilots chafed at too many non-flying additional duties (affectionately known as “queep”), not enough flying time, and a lack of leadership.Here is an example of the unrest from the comments of my blog (in the original): …additional duties that have nothing to do with flying, PME (professional military education-ed) requirements to get promoted that have to be accomplished in off duty spare time, 24/7 on call status, exercises that have little to do with flying, PT (physical training-ed) requirements that have to be prepared for in spare time, mountains of regulations based on a single act of buffoonery with the goal of preventing bad judgement from ever happening again, i.e.It is on the outflow side, however, that the problem becomes clear.In short, pilots are bailing out of the military to take airline jobs—just as they always have when the airlines come a calling.That number has recovered somewhat; about 1100 pilots were produced in 2016.The Air Force is attempting to ramp this production back up, but planners estimate that a maximum of 1400 pilots per year is the ceiling given current numbers of training aircraft and other resources.One factor which currently helps to push pilots out of the service which largely did not exist back in the 1980s is the deployment rate.Deployments, or long term tours away from home lasting weeks or months, are now the rule rather than the exception.

As you can see, the rate at which pilots leave the service (thereby shortening their active duty years) roughly corresponds with airline hiring, verifying that in spite of conditions in the military, when the airlines are hiring, pilots will leave. At the 10 year point of a military pilot’s career, there are often many lifestyle changes including marriage and children.

The Shotgun Approach to problem solving, time off is time off.

Not everyone wants to be a four star general/politician/professional staff officer but, the senior AF brass expect everyone to jump through time wasting hoops to be prepared for that minute possibility.

I specifically recall being asked to participate in a round table discussion with the wing commander to address the issues of why pilots were leaving the service.

The complaints I heard back then are eerily similar to the ones being voiced today.

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Training bases were closed and resources were reassigned.

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