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What are some of the things that parents can do when their children express a desire to date?You can talk about dating guidelines with them, not allow non-solo dating before the age of 16, or help them cope with their feelings while telling them no.Parents have the responsibility to choose which option they will adopt, but should have their children’s future at heart. In December my principal supervisor retired one week before Christmas. On my return in the new year, I had two weeks of intense marking to do for a course I was teaching. It rattled my routine and sent me into a stressful mode of working – not the start to the year I had planned.As parents, when children grow up to be of dating age, they have a hard choice to make. Yet, one has many options: to set limits for their children while dating, to accompany children while on dates, or to restrict children from dating, but in a way that shows understanding and support. to be my supervisor was because of her sound knowledge, experience in Ph D supervision, experience with all the workings of the University, expertise, and that she was going to stay at the university for quite a while and see me through my research journey. I was happy for the break from researching, I felt a little lost and unsure of what direction I was going in, so I was looking forward to having a good hard physical break to reset and come back with fresh eyes. The day after she told me we flew out to New Zealand for an 11-day mountain biking trip.

This is because before the age of 16, children are a lot less mature. Reminding myself of my original aims and purpose for doing this Ph D I find is a powerful way to connect my daily smaller actions with my bigger picture goals and justifications.With this in mind, I decided to set aside half a day to sit down and map out my yearly goals.When it comes to your children dating, you should be especially keen on limits. Let them know about curfews, restrictions on drugs and alcohol, a restriction on sexual intercourse, and other restrictions based on your personal beliefs and what you think is best for your child.

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By the start of this week, I realised pretty quickly that I had to proactively scrape back some semblance of routine and control over my work process, resources and Ph D status.