Dating a nigerian lady

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Con victim: Mother-of-three Kate Roberts borrowed money so she could hand over £80,000 to the swindlers pretending to be an American soldier Miss Roberts gave £80,000 to the gang after taking out credit cards, loans and borrowing from family and friends.She has now had to sell her house to pay off the crippling debts.A man will meet you, move you to America then leave you there to give birth as he stays in Nigeria having fun with other women. Which East African woman can agree to be left in a foreign country to just produce children so they can get foreign passports?The rationale of the women is that “Well, as long as he is providing for my needs I don’t care what he does!She said: ‘I did have doubts but everything he told me sounded reasonable and I was in love.‘He told me he couldn’t tell me much about his job for security reasons and I accepted that.’Between October 2009 and July last year Miss Roberts handed over £80,000.Fake love: Kate thought that she had found the man of her dreams but found that calls made to her by the sergeant originated from a mobile phone in Nigeria She made regular payments of thousands via Western Union and even paid cash directly into what she believed was his bank account as he told her he had no money.On several occasions, a man claiming to be the soldier’s commander rang her to reassure her he was about to fly to Britain.

Hundreds of other women must be getting conned right now.’Both the police and the U.

The East African women are the opposite- they abuse and can sometimes turn violent (Kenyan women especially because Ugandan women are ladies.) So the Nigerian men fear them and can’t even contemplate marrying such a person. To bed a Naija woman you buy her a car…buy her a house or even buy her a jet.

Nigerian women release their aggression on other women not their men…so they guy knows he can fuck around but it’s his girlfriend who shall get slapped. All a Nigerian has to do is drive them in his big car…knickers drop. Some men take a chick to Europe for a week and still sleep in separate rooms and even when they return back to Nigeria the guy gets nothing until he proposes.

Divorced and lonely, Kate Roberts thought her luck had changed when a charming U. soldier started chatting to her on a dating website.

When he told he loved her, she thought it was almost too good to be true. The ‘soldier’ was in fact a member of a sophisticated Nigerian gang set up to exploit vulnerable women and convince them to hand over money.

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