Dating a compulsive liar obscure online dating services

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It would be impossible to remain calm at this point, so I went as far as to look through her journals. A pretty picture of a tree that she said she drew because it reminded her of me.

I scanned it, plugged it into Google — you guessed it.

As the weeks went on, we started seeing each other every day.

Lena told me about the tough living situation she was in.

After all, by the time I was her age, I had been on my fair share of crazy adventures–though most of them ended up with me and my friends at Taco Bell.

Finally, my friends and family started catching on.

When I confronted her, she went berserk and told me I was the one was had been lying the whole time. There’s nothing quite like being accused of being a hoax by a clinically insane human being to really rattle your nerves.

The more I learn about this girl, the less sense it’s all starting to make. I was born in 1991.” I choked down my bite of pancake. Lena told me more about her life: the boys she dated, the adventures she’d been on, the places she’d lived, and the jobs she’d had.I remember her gazing off into the distance and mumbling, “That’s when I knew …I had to help people.” I thanked my lucky stars that I had found such a profound and intelligent girl.Every time I tried to intervene and talk to this wayward roommate, she would tell me he wasn’t home or he had stopped his panty thievery.Eventually, we became official and things got steadily more romantic.

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He looked at me and said, “Dude, no one has ever pronounced her name as Lane-uh.” This turned into a conversation about how his sister was, in fact, a total liar. I went home and did my homework — scouring the Internet for clues and calling friends to fact check her stories.