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Then sync your iphone/ipad with your new purchase (its a free game).

The company also makes a game called Ensemble Girls which is available in the US app store, however, it is not in English.

The dating sim, the stat raising sim, and the collectible card game (ccg). I think with the rise in popularity in America of otome games and dating sims and JRPGs we would be a good market for this game as well. That means there’s still a chance they could release it at some point in English.

The game is really super fun – even though I can’t understand a word of it. I have already emailed the company and asked them if they would please release an English or “international” version of their app. Geeky: Sweetie: Gameplay: 10/10 – The stat raising simulation and dating sim aspects are really fun, and it’s exciting/thrilling to summon the rare cards that you really want to add to your deck. The little chibi sprites are so cute as they dance and practice their moves in the stat raising sim portion of the game.

But that doesn't stop Tooru from experiencing a waterfall of emotions as she explores the curse of the Sohma clan, as well as her feelings for her new roommates.

The gap between them is probably what makes these two such an adorable pair.

Not only do you collect the cards (just like in Love Live School Idol Festival! There’s no user input in battles; it’s all mathematically determined. This game is not available yet in the US app store.

When I first got the game, I assumed it was like Love Live School Idol Festival! Most notably, Ensemble Stars is a Stat Raising Simulation.She runs a blog in her spare time at she writes about video games, kdrama, anime, technology, toys, dolls, and kawaii fashion.In 2006, Jenilee graduated with a BS in Emerging Technology and Design. Jenilee currently works for a small manufacturing company designing websites, email marketing, digital advertising, and print advertising campaigns.Overall: 70 / 90 78% C “Good Game for Girls” English Wiki: Official Japanese Webpage: Reddit Group (mostly English discussion): https:// How to get the game: The above guide is how to get a different game, but works regardless for obtaining any game from other app stores in different countries.It is the guide I used in order to get my game(s) :).

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When you first start playing Ensemble Stars you get to select one “team” to be your “starter deck” which will determine your rare card. You can date the guys and by correctly responding to their questions (which are not in English), they will level up.

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