Constantly updating weather radar

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Constantly updating weather radar

The necn app connects you with top local stories, weather and breaking news.NEW ENGLAND WEATHER Exclusive, interactive live radar Forecasts for your region Early Warning Weather alerts based on your location 10-day forecasts & hourly forecasts Complete school weather closings NEWS ALERTS & VIDEO Always updated with the latest local news Push notifications for important stories 3D touch news widgets on lock screen Watch live streaming content Watch video while you read the story Time Warner Cable/Spectrum subscribers can access live TV through the Spectrum link in the app Fixed date labels in the 7-day weather forecast Eliminated an errant volume pop-up window Fixed manual refresh issue on the app’s home page Crash fixes Note: This app is only compatible with devices running i OS 9 or later.The scrolling is very jerky if you change location when it changes the map. It also does not update the hourly forecast if you reopen it later in the day.Also when you change location the hourly forecast does not change. The only way around this is to completely terminate the app not just close it.Being that the product is free we do not provide support for it and it is offered in limited sizes and styles.If you require a better forecast product speak to us about custom development. The cost varies depending on number of maps needed, features on the map requested and traffic of the site we are serving.We do not offer radar for Canada but if you live close to the border our US mosaic will cover you. You may have seen we have a free forecast page on our site.

Thus at any given time multiple servers are running our maps. But rest assured Zoom Radar has 24/7 on call support if a problem arises. Non emergency concerns will be addressed during regular business hours Mon – Friday 9am-5pm eastern. We know you will find our customer service is 2 Do you offer radar for Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska?

Whether your signage is interactive or not the map is nice addition. Hi-Res Radar with snow/Ice detection, Live Storm Chaser Streaming, polygon severe warnings, Local Storm Tracks with Time of Arrival, Local Storm Reports, Local Temperatures and Winds, full screen, pin drop, map centering location detection, location search bar, pan and zoom buttons. We can supply you with a map to insert into your own app but we do not have our own apps. Just copy and paste the code into the HTML section of your website manager. Visit Is the storm chaser video compatible with all devices and browsers? There may be some isolated situations where the browser version or device OS is not compatible. Yes we can provide chasers with a map featuring only their chase vehicle. Zoom Radar was founded in 2007 as the internet’s first interactive radar!!

After ordering a map how long does it take for a client to receive the map? We concentrate on supplying our client’s with a map to boost their website and mobile devices. Since then we have continued to expand serving 100s of media websites, digital signage companies, weather blogger websites and student run websites.

This is offered as a free compliment to the radar map.

So if you purchase a radar you are entitled to a premium forecast page for no cost.

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But I liked the weather app so much I put up with and ignored their prompt every day. Lots more scrolling required to see info that was right up front before (like 10 day forecast).