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When i'm in a BIOS and doing nothing special (simply walking in menu backwards and forwards) it shuts down without any error message. It can stay for hours or days turned ON and it's OK. And when i'm trying to run test from Hirens Boot CD 9.9 Computer shuts down. Tried for hours to reinstall windows, but it would just shut down.

Hp had a update service concerning your computer After running through the battery recall routine the next thing on the list was an Bios update.

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I have an Acer aspire 5560g that I was doing a bios and video card update on.

If all else fails and everything else is running fine you can keep the time current with Atomic Clock 3 from this link: Atomic Clock also brings to mind one other possible cause of clock problems - The Windows time service may be corrupt or no longer installed properly and Atomic Clock offers a repair service that often fixes the problem. The clock time in bios was the same as that in the taskbar. I have noticed that the clock sometimes also loses time when the computer is on.

And the hour usually doesn't roll over even if the minutes are correct.

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The reason for the error if the system starts to load windows once again, but an error is seen when loading windows.

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