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RYDER It’s funny, the last time I watched the movie, I was like, “God, we have really great chemistry! It’s better to keep things professional than to try to mix them as far as emotions go. It’s like when you get a paper cut, and someone just purposely squeezes a lemon on it. But the actors don’t exactly agree on whether they ended up dating after the shoot. I remember getting the talk from my mom: “When you make out with someone, it doesn’t mean they’re your boyfriend.” I was like, “Really? She was supposed to say, “F— me gently with a chain saw.” But she refused to say it. “Why are you pulling my [ spoken like that in my entire life. RYDER She got such a bad-girl image later on, and I was always like, “She was such a sweet girl, and she didn’t want to swear!

We've just finished riding the Wonder Wheel maybe 10,000 times—you can ride the Wonder Wheel unmolested all day if you're Christian Slater—and now maybe we've got time for one more ride? He drank too much, drugged too much, punched people too much. That's why, in all of my fantasy interviews with Christian Slater—and I am not really exaggerating that much when I say that the prospect of a Christian Slater interview may have propelled a young, soulless Gen X'er into this specific career here in front of you today— I never imagined a moment when we sat like yuppies in an amusement park surrounded by families and not even smoking one cigarette.

As tends to happen when hormone-­addled teens are thrown together in a high school (real or fictional), alliances began to form. I do remember Shannen just kind of going, like, “You’ve got to be kidding.” She didn’t realize it was a comedy, or maybe know what a dark comedy meant.

FALK People would laugh at things that you didn’t think were that funny.

” BEGINNING In 1986, when John Hughes was giving us teen classics such as , Waters began working on what he calls “a Carson Mc Cullers-style novel of a girl who meets the Antichrist as a teenager.” The project morphed into a screenplay about an angsty popular girl, Veronica (Ryder), who starts secretly killing her classmates with the help of a diabolical new kid, J. (Christian Slater), and framing the deaths as suicides. LEHMANN The first time we shot with her, I turned to the cameraman and said, “This girl is a movie star.” WATERS You can’t overvalue how much Winona meant to this movie. Like, “Aww, that’s so cute.” I’m like, “Guys, this is genius! ” WATERS I told Winona the idea without any more elaboration than I’m giving you, and a year later I hear from her: “So I talked to Meryl. She was very sweet about it, and she was like, “Oh, that sounds really great!

The script made its way to producer Denise Di Novi ( The original ending was that J. blew up the high school and they all died, then there was a prom scene in heaven. We can’t make a satirical movie about teenage suicide in which the people actually kill themselves.” DANIEL WATERS The teen films of the time, the John Hughes film, were fun. In my initial drafts, Veronica was much more evil and twisted. ” But what else are you going to tell a panting 19-year-old? [] You have to understand: We were in rural Portugal living in huts, playing Chilean refugees. I’m like, this looks like those Agnes B ads —you know where they’re in a field and there’s a farmer with like a pitchfork?

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LEHMANN The casting directors brought in actresses who were good-looking but slightly chubby. I don’t think it ever dawned on me to track the movie’s business. I mean, I get that it’s a special movie, and the pressure of a sequel, and it’s a moment in time that you can’t recapture.

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