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Chris isaak dating history

And the first time he tweeted he talked about a supermodel that broke his heart.

This being a Valentine kind of week and his new album, “Always Got Tonight,” just out, Time Out New York magazine approached musician and Showtime comedy star Chris Isaak for his thoughts on love.

But due to his music being featured in movies like ' Bombay Velvet' and ' Eyes Wide Shut' and his continued success as a musician on tour and in the studio, it couldn't come as a surprise at all.

Isaak is still single with no wife and obviously, no divorce and children.

A musician and an actor, Isaak has an estimated net worth of million dollars.

But currently, he says that he is still looking for someone who is perfect for him, and he shall get married if he finds the one. His height is 6 feet and 0.5 inches; he’s tall like his height of success.

The youngest among his three brothers, he is from Stockton, California.

His mother, Dorothy worked in a potato chip factory and his father, Joe Isaak, was a forklift driver.

‘Honey, I think we can live together, but I’ve got to clean up this kitchen first.’ ” Though they apparently didn’t stay together long enough to discuss cohabitation, Isaak does confirm that he and comic Margaret Cho dated.

“She’s a very pretty woman,” he says, but “life tore us apart.” As for the desire to settle down and start a family, he admits, “I’ve had that desire.

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In The Chris Isaak Show, the blue-eyed singer charmed the audiences with a humorous, offbeat take on a rock star's life.

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