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Carry walter dating scam

This was always a con job on the general population.

If government and authorities would lie about that, causing poor desperate families with children to suffer, then they would lie about anything.

Online scam: It has become the most common method of fraud, and it is used in most systems of money: business, personal or company.

These offenses would be: military and romance scams, identity thief, companies, accounting and many more which you can read here …

An example of stretch is during 2012 the FTSE director's got a 27% rise and the millions of people on minimum pay got 1.8% - the rich got £100,000's per annum, the poor got just over £200.

In 2013 CEO's got 21% and those on minimum pay got 1.9% with similar sort of cash rise in the 'pay packet'. How is somebody in a country like this be living in the same inequality as us in UK?

They know all data has to be included as it is an essential factor in making the derived analysis more accurate. The only logical reason to ignore the poorest and richest groups is to hide how bad inequality is getting.

Corrado Gini would have also known this in 1912 - unless he was a terrible mathematician.

We have made our kids lose out being in the EU, as firms and government would rather take skilled workers from a vast supply of immigrants than train British young adults.Cameron lied with his "tens of thousands" - it was not achievable - which the press did not warn about - yet they did about Brexit lies e.g. It is important to note that the others to join, the latest confirmation was March 2016.Even if these countries do not join soon, they all want EU expansion.Government and authorities have utter contempt of us.If the government measured weight problems by ignoring the obese and dangerously underweight - you would say they were corrupt and trying to hide the problems - wouldn't you?

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That is how they measure inequality - ignore the richest and poorest groups - those millions of people most affected by what is being measured. Indeed, the UK Statistics Authority (Deputy Head of Regulation) actually admitted to me about the Gini, “I agree with your observation that it is not ideal if your particular interest is in inequalities at the top or bottom of the spectrum”.