Camera to camera sex chat free trail

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Camera to camera sex chat free trail

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I’ll read his email verbatim: ‘Thank you for replying. There are 13 separate pictures [ Editor's Note: 12 are shown below], and I assure you, just as you said, these are not doctored pictures.

When enlarged it looks like there is a more rectangular group of pixels then those made up of trees. I hope in the future the game camera people will give more details of the surrounding area. This would make it easier to rule out a big group of man made artifacts.

I just might be too drowsy at this time in the morning, but for some reason those images remind me of the movie "Batteries Not Included" with the small living UFO's.

It’s stamped on each photo, along with the date and time. Basically for imaging deer, as a lot of hunters do, to know which type and sex of deer are on the game trail.

I learned about this in his February 14, 2008, email after my TV show.

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One of twelve images shown in this Earthfiles report of unknown, small, aerial object close to ground photographed over four hour period on Missouri hunter's Cuddeback Digital Camera.

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